perjantai 4. joulukuuta 2009

Omaa sukua vittumainen...


Päädyin sanomaan firmalle että tunnen itseni huijatuksi...

Nobody is fooling You. This is different case when a customer takes a car outside Lithuania. Different prices valid on that case. As I said, the main argument why we rise the price up is that we have to take extra insurance for that car.
The best we can offer is 1000 LTL with all taxes and fees for Your rental period.
And the information announced on our web page is not correct. I will talk to the people who are responsible for developing our web page. But once again, 20 % discount is valid till the 15th of December.
Write me back what You have decided...

Koska olen os. vittumainen, läheti heille moittivan vastauksen, jossa mainitsin, ettei ole minun vastuullani mitä he väittävät, vain heidän tulee itse varmistaa, etteivät lupaa mitä eivät voi pitää.

Sain myös ECC:n vastauksen:

Analysing the documents attached, that is conversations between consumer and the service provider, it is obvious that the service provider declares different price counting methods. Other information, such as discount policy may seem to be misleading as well.
Answering your question I would like to note that you have the right to cancel the contract cost free. If correctly understood at this stage you are holding the reservation and the auto rental service agreement would be signed at a later stage. Nevertheless, in case if company invoked a charge due to cancellation, you should submit them a written pretension. Should the pretension be negotiated not in your favour, you should contact the ECC of your home country and then they would forward your complaint to our ECC. Such is the practice. 
Please be free to approach us should you have any other questions or remarks.

Elikä, minä maksan meilummin liikaa sille, joka ilmoittaa sen hinnan suoraan, kuin ekstaa jollekin, joka sitä hintaa vatvoo eestaas.

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